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SingularityU Berlin Chapter is the first Singularity University Chapter in Germany. It was started in Germany’s capital city Berlin at the end of 2015.

Berlin as Germany’s capital city is a city full of exponential opportunities and has great potential for digital transformation. Being Germany’s innovation hub and the epicenter for start-ups, Berlin owns the best eco-system for cutting-edge digital technologies and innovations Germany-wide. Berlin has witnessed a fast growth of companies between 2012 and 2015: The number of companies in Berlin has quadrupled.

Berlin also enjoys a very important strategic position in the whole Europe as a central pan-European hub for innovation and high-tech, especially after the occurence of Brexit in 2016. A large number of corporate hubs are located in Berlin, such as: Cisco Lab, iKlöckner, SAP Data Space, Hubraum, Plug & Play, VW Digital Lab, etc.


Berlin as Germany’s capital city enjoys strong support and facilitation from the German government. Singularity University Berlin Chapter collaborates with for example Berlin Partner – A unique public-private partnership; Berlin Partner for Business and Technology collaborates with the Berlin State Senate and over 270 companies dedicated to promoting the city of Berlin.


In April 2016, the first SingularityU Germany Summit was held in Berlin, and the second SingularityU Germany Summit will take place on May 3-4 2017 in Berlin again. Many interesting SingularityU Chapter Events happen in Berlin:


In December 2016, Singularity University Berlin Chapter representatives have given talks on Singularity University at an openning event of SAP Date Space in Berlin.


On January 18th 2017, the first SingularityU Berlin Chapter Event about the topic "Healthy Aging" took place at Telefonica Basecamp in Berlin. A chapter event in collaboration with VW Digital Lab in Berlin has been planned for the beginning of March 2017. A lot more is yet to come - explore more about the SingularityU Berlin Chapter!


SingularityU Berlin Chapter Event „Invitation to Healthy Aging"

In the time of constant (exponential) movement, nothing is so exciting as to staying healthy as we age. Still, despite real progress in medicine helping us to live longer than ever, there is no magic bullet in sight that could turn back or even stop aging. If we conquer illness, can we also look at aging as such? What if we rethink our current understanding of aging by beginning at the cellular level and reorganizing our body’s ability to regenerate? How artificial intelligence and robotics are having a transformative impact on a process of aging? And what are the ways to disrupt longevity? There are still plenty of unanswered questions and so much to do! With support of Health 2.0 Berlin, SingularityU Berlin Chapter presents its first chapter event and together with international leading experts in medicine, life sciences, entreprenurship and IT technologies would like to invite you to an exciting journey in the world of "healthy aging”.


Prof. Gunga Prof. Gunga
Principal Investigator
Center for Space Medicine Berlin, Charité
Maneesh Juneja Maneesh Juneja
Digital Health Futurist
Sara A. Wickström Sara A. Wickström
Max Planck Research Group Leader
John Crawford John Crawford

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