Deep-Dive Speakers

Day 1


Markus Trost

Partner, Odgers Berndtson

Markus Trost has more than 15 years of internet and digital industry experience. As an entrepreneur and managing director of one of the largest media and service corporations, he has developed and implemented service solutions that have helped digitize and automate the business processes of top global corporations. He has been CEO of a traditional group of businesses in the mid-cap segment since 2011 and has successfully transformed the group with a mobile first strategy.
Over the last few years with Odgers Berndtson, Markus has used his corporate and mid-cap experience to find and attract the right digital talent for corporate clients, accompanying them through their digital transformation. He is passionate about improving leadership team performance supported the successful integration of start-up innovation into these companies.
In his role at Odgers Berndtson, one of the largest global executive search firms, he has established strong partnerships with top universities, technology leaders and disruptors in order to provide their clients with the latest innovations that will aid their digital transformation journey.

Christine Scheffler

Chief HR Officer Webhelp Group

Christine Scheffler has enjoyed a successful career in the media and services industries for more than 20 years. Initially focusing on sales, Christine’s attention and interest moved towards management and organisational development, which is the field she now specialises in. Christine has worked with a number of business schools and digital hubs to prepare senior management, and the organisations they work for, to embrace and capitalise on the digital challenges the future presents. In her current role as CHRO at Webhelp, a leading global business process outsourcing and customer experience expert, Christine is very involved in supporting people and businesses going through organisational transformation.


Dr. Gilbert Heise

Head of Brand Management & Consumer Insights, Volkswagen AG

Born 1969, married, 2 children
• University of Göttingen, Dipl.-Kfm. „Conjoint Analysis in Car Product Development"
• University of Kassel, Univ. of Maryland, Dr. rer.pol. „International Customer Segmentation in Automobile Marketing"
• Consulting for Online Marketing, Automotive marketing and market research (e.g. for Mercedes, Smart, Leica Camera etc.)
• Author of several books and articles about automotive marketing and online marketing strategy
• Since 1996 with Volkswagen
• 1996-1998 Specialist for Multimedia/Online Marketing and Telematics
• 1998-2000 Group Product and brand strategy – winner of german marketing award for multi brand strategy
• 2000-2003 Head of group CRM
• 2003-2005 Head of Group Customer Insight and Analysis
• 2005-2015 Head of Group Market Research, Trend Research and Data Analysis
• 2015 Head of Product-& Brand Strategy

Salim Yueksel

Future & Trend Researcher VCB – Brand Management & Consumer Insights Volkswagen AG

• Born 1974, married, 2 children
• University of Kassel, studied Architecture and Innovation Management
• 1998 – 1999 Innovation architect at Bétrix & Consolascio Architects, Zürich
• 1999 – 2013 Independent architect, Baunatal
• 1999 – 2002 Communal Councillor, Baunatal
• 2001 – 2002 Board member of the Community for Intercultural Communication,
• 2001 – 2002 Board member of the Foreigners Advisory Council in the state Hessen, Wießbaden
• • Since 2001 with Volkswagen
• 2001 – 2012 Marketing & Innovation Specialist for International Fairs and Exhibitions
• 2013 – 2014 Head of the directorate International Exhibition Design & Communication
• 2014 – 2016 Marketing, Trend & Innovation Specialist for International Events and Sponsoring
2016 ff. Trend Researcher & Futurologist at Brand Management & Consumer Insights

Senior Vice President
Head of Strategy
Corporate Development

Victor de la Vela

Head of Corporate Strategy Airbus Group

Victor de la Vela has been working for 25 years in the aeronautical industry in both North America as well as Europe. He spent the early years of his career at EADS CASA in Spain, later moving to the U.S. where he was part of the team responsible for production of commercial aircraft (final assembly: eg. MD-11; B777,) as well as responsible for relations with companies such as McDonnell Douglas and Boeing. In 2000 he moved to France and Germany, where he held numerous positions within Airbus Group.
He currently serves as the Head of the Strategy department Senior Vice President within Airbus Group Headquarters in Toulouse (France). As head of this department Mr. de la Vela has been given the mission of leading the Group’s Strategy, Portfolio Development, Future Trends and Intelligence teams.
Prior to this he was the Chief Financial & Commercial Officer (CFCO) of Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug in Germany from 2007 till 2013. He was also Program Director of the UK Future Strategic Aircraft Tanker (FSTA) at Airbus Group Headquarters (EADS) from 2003 to 2007, during which time he managed to win the UK Tanker deal. He also worked with the corporate M&A Department, whom he joined in 2000 and stayed with until 2007.
He is married with two children and has been living in Toulouse (France) since 2013.

Andreas Beer

IT-Consultant, Managing Director Hyve

Andreas is managing director of HYVE´s Innovation Design department and joined the former startup HYVE in 2005, after being project manager for capital equipment industrial design projects in Stuttgart. He already conducted a wide range of projects for more than 50 companies of all sizes, from startups to global players. But being a passionate and empathic designer with additional trainings in IP knowledge is not enough for him. He is an autodidact with a strong link to scientific networks in the fields of open innovation an user centric design. Within 10 years he gained experience in ideation, concept design, design thinking as well as industrial design, UI/UX design and prototyping. Furthermore, Andreas is a faculty member of LIMAK Austrian Business School Linz, Austria and CAMPUS 02 Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft Graz, Austria. His birth in 1979 brought him midway between digital natives and digital immigrants. He witnessed the first moments of the world wide web and the arise of companies like Google, but still had the opportunity to experience the old-fashioned life, as for example the ringing of a phone in our homes and you had no possibility to know who was calling…


Graeme Moffat

VP of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Muse

Graeme leads neuroscience research and health and wellness applications for Muse. He has over a decade of research experience in psychology and neuroscience and in scientific management. Graeme served as managing editor of Frontiers in Neuroscience, the largest journal series in psychology and neuroscience, and of Frontiers in Neurology and Frontiers in Psychiatry. His experience has included research engineering at Neurelec/Oticon and graduate/postgraduate work at the National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS) in France. Graeme holds a PhD in neuroscience from Université Aix-Marseille. He is currently a TalentEdge Fellow of the the Ontario Centres of Excellence and a member of the Centre for Responsible Brainwave Technology (CeReB).

Dr. Petra Ritter

BrainModes Group Head, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Dr. Petra Ritter is a physician trained in Neurology. She is Head of the BrainModes Group at the Department of Neurology, Charité University Medicine Berlin. Petra received her medical degree in 2000 at Charité after a practice year in the US. She received her allowance to practice medicine in 2002, doctoral degree in Neuroscience in 2004 and habilitation (professorship qualification) in 2010. In 2011 Petra started her independent Max-PlanckResearch Group BrainModes located at the Department of Neurology, Charité Berlin. Since 2009 she is Leader of a German Research Network in Computational Neuroscience that aims to increase understanding of the biological underpinnings of learning. Petra’s research program addresses multi-scale computations in the human brain by combining multimodal neuroimaging (EEG-fMRI, DTI) and computational modeling. Recent achievements comprise co-development of The Virtual Brain neuroinformatics platform, a pipeline for personalization of brain models and the discovery of principles underlying human learning. Petra strives to translate her work to applications for end users. Recent examples are the development of a collective immersive neurofeedback experience (My Virtual Dream) and a mobile app for brain tracking. With the recently awarded renowned ERC consolidator grant, Petra continues contributing to the integration of knowledge about the brain in a comprehensive computational framework. Her ultimate goal is to translate the theoretical work on large-scale brain network modeling into clinical applications of personalized brain models for aging, stroke and neurodegenerative diseases, and to derive biomarkers based on biophysical model parameters that are validated in collaboration with molecular biologists, neurophysiologists and clinicians.

Digital Health: „Virtual Brain"


Dr. Christian Gravert, Deutsche Bahn AG

Head of Health Management Deutsche Bahn

Dr. Gravert is the Chief Medical Officer of Deutsche Bahn Group. He is responsible for health, fitness and wellbeing of about 200.000 DB employees in Germany. Dr. Gravert is an experienced family doctor and occupational health specialist. Before this assignment he was member of the board of an internet and satellite medical training TV and a medical liaison officer to the US forces in Washington DC. ​

Mirko Bass

Business Development Manager EMEAR, Cisco

Mirko Bass, a Business Development Evangelist with Cisco Systems, titled as "combining German entrepreneurial talent and technical know-how” by Financial Times, is passionate about building community and creating meaningful opportunities to bring together people, ideas and exponential technologies for a greater good. In his last 16 years at Cisco Systems he has built an ecosystem to achieve this, through various leadership positions across Engineering, M&A, Sales, and more. In his current role Mirko is developing Cisco’s worldwide Country Digitisation Acceleration program which is set to help countries around the world to maintain competitiveness, increase GDP growth, foster innovation and create new jobs.
Together with Harald Neidhardt, CEO of MLOVE, Mirko co-created the Refugee First Response Center ( – and in six weeks, they transformed a shipping container into a mobile, medical first aid center with live video stream translation services in 50+ languages with 750+ interpreters. Forbes calling "Award-winning RFRC as one of the best tech-for-good examples globally” today is live in 10 locations in Hamburg and recently was installed in Samos, Greece & Beqaa Valley, Lebanon.
Mirko, a Singularity University Alumnus, is a frequent speaker on people, culture & innovation incl. TEDx (Hamburg), re:publica (Berlin), SingularityU (Berlin, SFO, NL),
Business Development Manager Europe, Middle East, Africa & Russia Cisco Systems
+49 175 2600081

Joachim Seybold

Deputy Medical Director, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Deputy Medical Director Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Joachim Seybold studied medicine at Justus Liebig University Gießen, Germany and obtained his MD in 1996. He worked at the Imperial College in London in lung research before specializing in Internal Medicine at Charité in 2003.
He also holds an MBA from the University of Bradford (UK, 2004).
Since 2010 he is appointed as the Deputy Medical Director of Charité.
Beyond that, Dr. Seybold is the coordinator of Charité hilft – a project for the medical care of refugees at various locations in the city of Berlin. Together with up to 40 colleagues from Charité he set up outpatient clinics in refugee shelters, the health screening program for newly arrived refugees, the clinic for refugees with psychiatric disorders, and the vaccination program. More than 62,000 refugees have been treated so far within the Charité hilft program, thereof 28,500 refugees received vaccinations. ​

Day 2


Nicolai Andersen

Partner & The Garage Leader Deloitte

Nicolai was first exposed to AI at the age of 15, when he tried to teach his Atari 1040 ST think like a human through a BASIC program. That did not work out. In the 1990s Nicolai studied Business & Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and took courses in Genetic Algorithms for a second attempt of creating real AI. Again it did not work out.
In the meantime Nicolai is the Head of Innovation for Deloitte in the EMEA region and through his role exposed to the question on how AI will replace the jobs of his clients but also the jobs of his fellow Business Consultants, Auditors, Tax Advisors and Lawyers.
As part of his work he is currently leading a research initiative on the question how the "Future of Decision making” will look like, not only due to the rise of Cognitive Computing but also the advancement of Neuroscience, which will help to understand and optimize how humans make decisions both in private as well as corporate environments. Nicolai is member of the board of the "Initiative D21” and leads their working group on "Digital Ethics”.

Dr Nadine Möller

Head of the Deloitte Neuroscience Institute Deloitte

Dr Nadine Möller is a natural scientist by training with yearlong experience in the life science sector and consulting. Pairing innovative solutions with extensive experience in strategic consulting, Nadine advises decision makers at leading international companies to overcome current and future challenges using sophisticated, future-oriented approaches.

Using her unique skillset, combining natural science, strong industry insights and management consulting, Nadine build-up and is leading the Deloitte Neuroscience Institute (DNI) since 2015. The DNI is Deloitte’s approach to unravel unexplored, unconscious information and making it accessible to answer business relevant questions. Using state of the art technologies, the DNI overcomes current limitations to reveal emotional, human centered information, thereby opening a door to new strategic opportunities.

Nadine holds a Ph.D. in physical biochemistry, was working for 5 years in a management consulting firm and has four years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, being responsible for product launches and large market research projects.

Dr. Florian Klein

Head of the Center for the Long View Deloitte

Dr. Florian Klein is an advisor, corporate strategist and futures thinker with extensive experience in providing strategic counsel to senior decision makers at leading multi-national corporations and governments across Europe and globally. He is expert in facilitating the creation of robust strategies today, in light of an uncertain tomorrow.

Over the last 17 years, Florian has conducted a diverse range of strategy formulation and capability building projects across multiple geographies and sectors, including banking and finance, the energy and mining, technology, retail, transport, telecommunications, as well as the government and NGO sector.

Florian founded and leads the Center for the Long View (CLV), which is Deloitte’s global center of excellence for scenario planning. The Center pushes the boundaries of current strategy development by applying Artificial Intelligence tools and by emphasizing the holistic nature of qualitative analysis. Florian is also the Service Offering Leader for Corporate and Business Unit Strategy at Monitor Deloitte Germany, and forms part of Deloitte’s international Brexit Task Force.

Florian holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Economics from the London School of Economics, an International MBA from Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, and a Master in Development Studies from the University of Tübingen. ​

Dr. Björn Bringmann

Head of Data Science of Deloitte Germany

Dr. Björn Bringmann is Head of Data Science of Deloitte Germany and one of the leading experts and founding member of the Deloitte Analytics Institute (DAI), a unique accelerator combining expertise from data scientists, data engineers, designers and business experts.

He supports senior decision makers across sectors, including financial services, automotive, retail, as well as the government sector in enabling their business of tomorrow by leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and cognitive computing today. As Data Scientist Björn has deep knowledge in the design, evaluation and application of advanced modelling and machine learning techniques generating predictive and descriptive models for massive, complex data. His active participation in research allows him to identify and leverage new developments for business applications the industry.

Björn holds a Ph.D. from the Artificial Intelligence Research Group at KU Leuven, and a good old-fashioned German Diploma in Computer Science from the University of Freiburg.


Bernhard Kowatsch

Head of Innovation Accelerator UN WFP Innovation Accelerator

Bernhard Kowatsch is Head of the Innovation Accelerator at the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), accelerating social innovations, startups & investments for zero hunger innovations. The Innovation Accelerator’s aim is to accelerate disruptive innovations to reach a world without hunger. The accelerator supports entrepreneurs and startups working towards ending hunger applying a human-centered design and a lean startup approach. its inception 1.5 years ago, the Innovation Accelerator has supported more than 20 startups/projects that we currently support, including innovations on blockchain, big data, UAVs and autonomous vehicles, new agricultural approaches such as the MIT Food Computer in developing countries Previously, Bernhard co-founded the ShareTheMeal app, built up WFP’s Business Innovation team and worked as Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for global tech and industrial goods companies.

Hila Cohen

Project Manager, UN WFP Innovation Accelerator

Private Sector Partnerships Lead and Project Manager at the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Innovation Accelerator which was launched in August 2015 in Munich, Germany. The Innovation Accelerator’s aim is to accelerate disruptive innovations to reach a world without hunger. The accelerator supports entrepreneurs and startups working towards ending hunger applying a human-centered design and a lean startup approach. Hila worked in WFP for 3.5 years before joining the Innovation Accelerator. Beforehand, she worked for 4 year as a hi-tech corporate lawyer in a leading firm in Tel Aviv. She holds an MBA from the SDA Bocconi School of Management (Italy) and a Bachelors in Law from the University of Haifa (Israel). She has an avid interest in the latest developments and trends in the technology realm.


Lin Sebastian Kayser

CEO Hyperganic Technologies AG

Lin Kayser is a German entrepreneur who has worked in disruptive technology his entire career. Today, his focus is on Hyperganic, a transformative startup in the eld of industrial 3D printing.
Lin, a self-taught software engineer, started his career in the early 1990s. Working for the startup ARADEX, he helped bring PC technology to the industrial automation space. In 2000, he started his first high-tech company, IRIDAS, which focused on transforming Hollywood filmmaking from analog to digital. IRIDAS powered the world’s first digital cinemas and pioneered the use of the GPU in graphics cards for high-volume image processing. For a decade, IRIDAS was a dominant force in global filmmaking technology.
In 2011 Adobe acquired the company to build "the Photoshop of video”. For three years, Lin led a global team at Adobe that helped transition the engineering of Adobe’s professional video products to a subscription-based business model. In 2014, Lin left Adobe to focus on his own ventures.
After the acquisition, Lin created COGLOBO, a Munich-based research and investment company, and the Kayser Forum for Sustainability, his environmental foundation. COGLOBO’s work with 3D printers led Lin to realize the potential of 3D printing in the future of manufacturing. In 2015 he started Hyperganic, a startup focused on using advanced 3D printing to create objects that are as complex, sophisticated and efficient as things in nature.
Lin lives in Munich, where he is an active mentor in the startup scene. He is a father of five and, as an avid photographer, takes at least one camera to every place he travels.

Nicole Srock.Stanley

CEO and co-founder dan pearlman

Nicole Srock.Stanley, born in 1969, is the CEO and co-founder of dan pearlman. Whenever the focus is on branding, retail, and leisure, Nicole is the expert to consult. Applying the concept of "experience/smq” she enables stationary businesses to align themselves with the modern leisure industry. At conferences, she speaks about the future of retail focusing on how stationary trade can be revolutionized by involving mechanisms of the leisure industry. Moreover, Nicole acts as a Director on various Boards, including Create Berlin and the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and as an economic advisor to the German Environmental Foundation.


Prof. Dr. Marc Drüner

Professor of Marketing & Innovation Management Steinbeis University Berlin

Marc Drüner is professor for marketing and innovation management at the Steinbeis University of Berlin as well as Managing Director of the Data Incubator Berlin (DIB), which is supporting companies in achieving data excellence and managing its resulting change along the premise of working + learning.
Furthermore, Marc Drüner is CEO of trommsdorff + drüner, innovation + marketing consultants GmbH (td). With >100 employees in Berlin and Peking td is working on questions concerning the Data Transformation. It has long-term experience in the management of data from "the old and new world” to generate smart insights out of big data. td is working with leading corporates such as Coca-Cola, Telefónica, Adidas, L´Oreal, Lufthansa, Google, Miele, and Volkswagen.
In addition, Marc Drüner has founded startups for and together with corporates.

Niklas Stog​

Director Data-Driven Marketing trommsdorff + drüner

Niklas Stog heads the practice for Data-Driven Marketing at the consultancy td, where he advises leading global brands from the automotive, apparel and CPG industry in the areas of measurement and consumer insights, digital transformation and data strategy. In his role, he has led the development and roll-out of multi-source dashboard solutions, online-led prediction algorithms and the Lighthouse Academy, an educational format that empowers marketing organizations to leverage the power of new data.

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